With Myonex, on-time supply means that all investigational medicinal products, trial comparator drugs, other medications, and related supplies are packaged and labeled accurately with unsurpassed speed. Your sites and patients will be ready to go on day one — no errors, no confusion.

Clinical Trial Packaging & Labeling Benefits at a glance
  • Reduce Overage
  • Faster Study Start Up
  • Same Day JIT Labeling
  • Experienced Project Management

Clinical Trial Packaging - Clinical Trial LabelingMyonex facilities in the U.S., the United Kingdom, and Denmark offer a wide range of packaging and labeling solutions to meet your specific needs. We are experts at storing, packaging, and labeling investigational medicine. We strive to offer tailored solutions that save you time and give you flexibility if your packaging and labeling needs change suddenly.

Whether you are using Just In Time or Batch Record Labeling, Myonex prioritizes…

  • extremely fast turnaround
  • solutions to reduce overage and eliminate waste
  • the ability to adapt and respond right away when there are last-minute changes
  • differentiated documentation for each site location

Our global logistics and supply management systems allow us to ship and track all inventory after it is labeled and distributed to trial sites — as well as to handle returns or redistribution of unused inventory. Myonex also has many years of experience with the especially complex packaging and labeling needs of oncology clinical trials.

A full-service solution for clinical trial packaging and labeling, Myonex will help you find the best packaging and labeling solution for your trial.

Clinical Trial Packaging and Labeling Services


Contact your Myonex representative or email globalsales@myonex.com to discuss how Myonex can support your packaging, labeling, and distribution needs for your next global clinical trial.