CTRx Europe - On Demand Drug Sourcing for Clinical Trials
Built on Myonex’s proven successful North American program, the CTRx™ Europe central pharmacy network is an innovative, new solution for clinical trial sponsors, sites, and patients.

CTRx Europe Benefits at a Glance
  • No Waste
  • Local Sourcing
  • Cost Savings
  • No Forecasting
  • Central Pharmacy Network
  • Specialty Drug Access
  • Flexible Delivery Options

The first and only solution of its kind on the continent, CTRx Europe offers significant cost savings by eliminating waste and the costs associated with upfront bulk comparator purchases, inventory management, expired drugs, and overages in countries with large patient populations. You only pay for what is dispensed and can easily track dispensing via a secure, GDPR-compliant portal.

Support for decentralized and hybrid clinical trials

CTRx Europe offers flexible options for sourcing sponsor investigational medicinal products, commercial drugs, and ancillary supplies. Drugs can be:

  • Delivered to sites
  • Delivered to home healthcare professionals
  • Delivered to central nursing centers
  • Shipped directly to patients

Our processes are tailored to meet regulations in each country.

Make your clinical trial more patient-centric

Thanks to our partnerships with central dispensing pharmacies in major European markets, patients can quickly and easily access locally sourced medications, including:

  • Standard of care
  • Combination medications
  • Rescue medications
  • Oncology and other specialty drugs and hospital lines

Direct-to-patient sourcing can make your clinical trial more attractive to patients and help increase adherence to the study regiment, resulting in fewer dropouts. Your trial is easier for sites, too, because it requires less storage space and fewer resources. They can focus on your trial.

CTRx Europe Service Process At A Glance

Our global and local sourcing solutions for clinical trial drugs and equipment integrate harmoniously with our global packaging, labeling, and distribution services to provide a convenient single point of contact for everything you need for a successful clinical trial.

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