Local Pharmacy Grows Into Global Clinical Supply Company


For over 30 years, Myonex has been known as a trustworthy, solution-driven partner in clinical trial supply. What many may not know is Myonex started from humble beginnings. A small local pharmacy called Myers drugstore in Norristown, Pennsylvania was the birthplace of Myonex.

In 1918, an 11-year-old Morris Cohen helped deliver medications to patients stricken by the Spanish flu. Morris continued to work at the drug store while completing his education which included a pharmacy degree. When the owner of Myers Drug Store passed away in 1931, Morris acquired the store and continued to serve the Norristown community. Over the years Myers Drug Store grew into a family-run business when his son, Robert, and grandson, Michael, joined him. In 2001, Robby and Michael Cohen discovered a need in the industry to supply drugs and ancillary products for clinical trials. From then on, the idea flourished and Myonex is now the global company it is today.

In the new global headquarters, Myonex dedicated an area to remember those beginnings, where they are now, and where they will continue to expand. From drug sourcing to CTRx Card, Equipment and Supplies to Packaging and Distribution, Myonex has created a central company for your clinical trial supply needs through their expertise and attention to clients. Yet, there is so much more growth to be had a Myonex.

In fall 2021, Myonex will take the next step on its timeline and open its brand new global headquarters in Horsham, Pennsylvania, continuing to deliver life-saving drugs and ancillary products to patients in clinical trials throughout the world.

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