Clinical Trial Patient Solutions

Myonex is the only clinical trial supply company that offers local, on-demand, direct-to-patient services for trials in North America and Europe as part of a comprehensive suite of solutions. From faster study start-up and lower costs, to better patient retention and reduced waste, the company’s innovative CTRx™ Pharmacy Solutions offer significant benefits to all parties involved in a clinical trial.

Myonex Clinical Trial Patient Solutions eliminate…
  • Forecasting and upfront bulk purchasing
  • Inventory management costs
  • Packaging and labeling costs
  • Waste/expired drugs

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Everyone benefits

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Services under our Clinical Trial Patient Solutions are currently available in the United States, Canada, and Europe and can be combined with other Myonex solutions as part of a global sourcing & distribution strategy.

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Ready to talk further? Contact your Myonex representative or email [email protected] to discuss using Clinical Trial Patient Solutions for your next trial.