Clinical Trial Patient Solutions

With the Myonex Clinical Trial Patient Solutions, or CTRx Prescription Service, you can start your trial faster and eliminate the costs of up-front bulk purchasing, storage, packaging and labeling, inventory management and drug waste.

Clinical Trial Prescription Services Benefits at a glance
  • No Waste
  • No Forecasting
  • Cost Savings
  • Specialty Drug Access

Clinical Trial Prescription Card – Myonex Clinical Trial Patient SolutionsMyonex is now the only clinical trial supply company to offer a clinical trial prescription service as part of our comprehensive suite of solutions. Our CTRx service allows patients to access drugs and supplies through a broad Pharmacy and Specialty Pharmacy Network, at zero cost to them. If your patients require access to a specialty or limited-distribution drug, they can get it more quickly. Patients can fill prescriptions at their local pharmacy, or the drugs and supplies can either be shipped directly to patients or to the clinical site. You’ll avoid delays, improve compliance, and reduce costs.

On-demand supply makes your trial easier and more cost-effective. You don’t have to forecast your supply needs up front or manage inventory.

Using the Clinical Trial Prescription Service, clinical research organizations and patients gain direct access to comparator drugs and standard-of-care therapies, supportive medications, and certain medical supplies. By filling orders as drugs and supplies are needed, you won’t be left with costly unused supply at the end of the trial.

Clinical Trial Card Prescriptions Process

Services under our Clinical Trial Patient Solutions are currently available in the US and Canada, and can be combined with other Myonex solutions as part of a global sourcing & distribution strategy.

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