Under the Wire: Meeting Last-Minute Ancillary Supply and Labeling Demands for a Leading Global CRO

Client Overview

Our client is a leading global Contract Research Organization (CRO) that provides a comprehensive suite of solutions to the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. With business goals of streamlining drug development and clinical trial processes, they cater to a broad target market consisting of pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology firms, and medical device manufacturers.


The first challenge this CRO faced was to procure all 10 ancillary items for a clinical trial project startup just two months from notice. Through the quoting process and conversations with Myonex, it was discovered complex additional packaging and labeling services were needed. These evolving needs and aggressive timelines made it vital for our client to find a responsive partner capable of addressing their ancillary supply and clinical labeling requirements effectively.

The Myonex Solution

Myonex, known for its client-centric, flexible, and fast approach, emerged as the perfect partner. Understanding the needs and the importance of adaptability, Myonex laid out an optimized plan for the CRO, enabling them to gain confidence in the partnership. As a result, Myonex was able to swiftly address ancillary equipment supply needs while being flexible enough to accommodate further requests for clinical trial packaging and labeling.


Implementation—all hands on deck!

When faced with the urgency of procuring and delivering the core ancillary supplies needed, Myonex immediately began by quoting and guaranteeing all necessary items within the CRO’s tight deadline. The supplies were procured and delivered promptly in record time, with 10 ancillary items onsite within just 3 business days of placing the Purchase Order (PO). Quoting for other services was also completed in record time, with double blind labeling requests seamlessly incorporated at a later stage—still within the timelines designated for a successful first patient in launch. Myonex remained agile and implemented an all hands on deck mentality to meet our client’s needs before the clinical trial’s startup.

The Results:
Two remarkable successes were achieved as a result of the CRO's collaboration with Myonex:

1. Sponsor Satisfaction: Utilizing Myonex’s expertise, the clinical trial’s first patient was admitted on time and the required product was delivered on schedule. This allowed the large global CRO to keep their sponsor pleased with the progress of the project.

2. Securing Future Projects: Due to flawless execution and delivering on their promises, the CRO was able to help secure future projects with its sponsor.

  • “I just wanted to thank you again for this amazing result. We all are so appreciative that Myonex have been able to complete this planned equipment and packing in such a timely fashion. Thank you!”

    – CRO, Clinical Trial Supplies Director


By leveraging Myonex’s procurement expertise, the CRO managed to save costs and increase overall efficiency throughout the clinical trial process. Moreover, Myonex’s ability to meet aggressive timelines and provide responsive communication led to successful project completion tackling all challenges.

Myonex’s client-centric, flexible, and fast approach played a critical role in addressing this CRO’s evolving needs and stringent deadlines. By demonstrating an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction and delivering tangible results, Myonex solidified its position as a reliable and efficient clinical trial supplies partner for CROs.