The same clinical trial supply experts, but with a new name. Myoderm is now Myonex.

This name builds on the reputation we have established over the past 30 years as a leading global clinical trial supply company. Now it also represents the value we bring to our clients by helping them always be prepared for what’s next in their clinical trials.

This is an ideal time to make this change because we are focused on providing more complete clinical trial solutions while building upon our roots in exceptional customer service. Our goal is to make sure our partners have whatever they need when and where they need it to execute a successful clinical trial, while also minimizing delays, unnecessary costs, and surprises.

Why has Myoderm changed its name?

As Myoderm prepared to enter the new decade in 2020, marking our 33rd year in business, we knew the time had come to take on a new name. We have moved way beyond sourcing comparator drugs and are evolving to what’s next for our company—all with a focus on creating more value for customers. We have built and will continue to build the comprehensive array of clinical trial services, supplies, and equipment that our clients need. We wanted a new name that would capture our evolution as a company. After much consideration, we chose Myonex.

When you see the name Myonex, know that it represents the same quality, client focus, and expertise for which Myoderm has always been recognized.