Myonex understands that clinical trials are complex, ever-changing, and expensive. “One size fits all” solutions don’t work. Over 30 years, we’ve built a comprehensive suite of sourcing and supply services to address this reality. And we have the flexibility to create solutions for your trial’s unique needs and challenges.

With Myonex as your clinical trial supply partner, you’ll gain…

  • expert problem-solving and tailored solutions for any challenge sourcing multiple medications; accessing hard-to-source drugs; supplying to patients in multiple locations; complying with regulations in different countries; and many more.
  • speedy access to the right supply of drugs so the trial can start on time, lowering the risk of patient attrition and cost increases.
  • tools for reducing overage to eliminate waste that often occurs when drug forecasts exceed what is actually used in the trial. At the same time, you won’t run out of drug supply mid-trial or face delays in getting re-supply.
  • flexibility to change drug supply requests if your trial’s protocol changes, or you face new regulations.
  • ways to reduce costs associated with the supply of ever-more-expensive biologics and other hard-to-source drugs.
  • answers to your inquiries about supply and pricing within a matter of days, not weeks.
  • the simplicity of working with a single vendor who can handle comparator drug sourcing and supply, packaging and labeling, returning or redistributing unused drugs, and providing all equipment and supplies needed for the trial, from IVs and tubing to refrigeration — and everything in between.

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