Clinical Trial Equipment & Supplies

Even with the right drug supply, your trial can’t start and proceed on time until every site has the additional equipment and supplies it requires to get started. Myonex Clinical Trial Equipment & Supplies (CTES) service handles that critical service for you.

Clinical Trial Equipment & Supplies Benefits at a glance
  • Faster Study Start Up
  • Lease & Purchase Options
  • Global IOR Expertise
  • Experienced Project Management

Clinical Trial Equipment – Clinical Trial SuppliersOften working in tandem with our drug supply services, Myonex CTES ensures that a trial will have everything it needs to start on time and proceed smoothly. Rather than dealing with multiple clinical trial suppliers, our customers benefit from consulting with one vendor who understands the entire trial and can standardize equipment and supplies across sites, which yields more reliable results. We have a team of experts who work side-by-side with clinical trial sponsors to understand what’s needed to handle, store, and administer certain drugs and gather key clinical information from patients.

Myonex CTES offers:

  • Importer of Record support in countries around the world
  • Strong long-term relationships with global and local equipment suppliers
  • Global logistics and supply chain management systems for distributing and tracking inventory across trial sites
  • Ability to ship equipment and supplies to thousands of clinical trial sites in 70+ countries
  • Regular reporting on what sites have received, so you can track supply and better control costs
  • Purchase and leasing options for ultimate flexibility and efficiency
  • The ability to handle all returns at trial closeout

Clinical Trial Equipment and Supplies Management - Clinical Trial Supplier

Contact your Myonex representative or email [email protected] to discuss how Myonex can work to source all of your clinical trial supply needs for your next trial.