Start your clinical trial faster and eliminate the costs of up-front bulk purchasing, storage, packaging and labeling, inventory management, and drug waste.

CTRx™ Navigating Trial Card Options

The CTRx model has become increasingly popular in clinical trials by combining prescription card services, global pharmacy dispensing, and centralized local drug supply in a single solution. These key factors allow your clinical trial to be fulfilled reliably, timely and cost-effectively. Here’s what you need to consider when comparing CTRx models.
Chart comparing clinical trial prescription card options and direct to patient pharmacy solutions

3 Warning Signs You’ll Want to Avoid:

Lack of Solutions for White-bagging Policies: Some clinical sites have processes in place that prevent patient specific medication being sent by a central pharmacy to the IDS. This is where Myonex’s other services can come into your overall drug sourcing strategy—we can tailor our solutions to each individual site as needed, keeping them happy!
No Global Solution:
Companies need to provide personalized and local drug access globally, not just in one region to support clinical trials. Myonex’s CTRx solution is global and not limited in it’s comprehensive solution.
No Pharmacist-Led Services:
A team of pharmacists not only understands the prescription process and the impact to patients, they also have clinical site experience and can speak to the IDS Pharmacists as peers and fully understand their processes. Myonex’s CTRx is pharmacist led.

Stop Paying for Assumptions, Pay for Reality

When comparing traditional drug sourcing vs. CTRx for a trial, it’s no contest: paying for reality leads to significant cost savings. Don’t believe us? See for yourself.

CTRx portal myCTcentral – global drug supply and prescription management for clinical trial patients

Drug storage, waste, and patient access to products are common obstacles in any clinical trial. The CTRx portal, myCTcentral™, is a comprehensive, global resource providing an online prescription process to support your clinical trials in a secure, efficient and accurate single portal.

  • Access for each part of the trial
  • Virtual card creation
  • Online ordering
  • Simple for sites
  • Detailed reporting
  • Global QMS


How you’ll Benefit

Benefits of CTRx trial card and global sourcing for clinical trial sponsors, sites and patients

CTRx™ Benefits at a Glance
  • No Waste
  • No Forecasting
  • Cost Savings
  • Specialty Drug Access

​Myonex is the only clinical trial supply company that offers local, on-demand, direct-to-patient services for global trials as part of a comprehensive suite of solutions.

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