Clinical Trial Drug Sourcing

Sourcing comparator drugs for clinical trials has been our core business at Myonex for over 30 years. Myonex is structured and geared for efficiency and speed. We’ve intentionally built close long-term relationships with key drug manufacturers and suppliers — which translate into tangible benefits for your trial.

Clinical Trial Drug Sourcing Benefits at a glance
  • Access
  • Supply Continuity
  • Exclusive Manufacturer Relationships
  • Cost Savings

Comparator Drug Sourcing for Clinical TrialsMyonex offers:

  • Long-standing established relationships direct with branded manufacturers who know us and trust us, ensuring the access and continuity of supplies that you need throughout your trial
  • Exclusive partnership agreements with selected generic and biosimilar manufacturers provides significant cost savings for your trials, as well as the ability to supply brite stock and placebo manufacturing
  • Ability to source comparator drugs in more than 60 countries via our authorized global wholesale network offering you significant cost savings and unparalleled access to key drugs
  • Access to oncology products and navigating their drug sourcing challenges
  • Continuous resupply throughout the duration of your trial

Comparator Sourcing – Clinical Trial Drug Sourcing - Comparator Supply

We assess and understand your supply needs quickly, provide quotes in a timely manner, and supply the drugs you need within each of the markets where you need them. And we have the flexibility and the relationships to develop contingency plans if there is ever a supply issue.

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