Fostering Patient-Centricity: Clinical Supply Chain Strategies and Sourcing Solutions


Watch this webinar to learn how to review clinical trial trends and supply strategies that impact the patient experience. You will also learn how to reduce the financial impact and burden on patients for standard-of-care clinical trial medications. The featured speakers discussed how to improve site and patient-centricity with the best clinical trial supply strategy.

This webinar titled “Fostering Patient-Centricity: Clinical Supply Chain Strategies and Sourcing Solutions” explores current clinical trial industry trends, clinical supply strategies, and the resulting implications for patients.

The discussion, featuring Samit Bhatt, Vice President, Clinical Trial Patient Solutions at Myonex, Todd Luckritz, Associate Director, Clinical Trial Patient Solutions at Myonex, and Racheal Yoon, Associate Director, Clinical Trial Patient Solutions at Myonex, dives into the various clinical trial supply options. It details how these options can address the needs and priorities of sponsors, and the advantages and disadvantages they bring for sponsors, patients and sites. The speakers also explore how comparator drug supply vendors manage complex trial designs and access to specialty drugs for the clinical trial.

A significant highlight of the event is the presentation of Myonex’s CTRx™ service, a pharmacy network solution that offers a local sourcing strategy. CTRx is designed to put patients and sites first, reducing costs and minimizing waste. This service can meet clinical trial comparator sourcing requirements, including for decentralized and direct-to-patient studies, and can work with sponsors to offer direct-to-patient solutions for sponsor-supplied IMPs in select countries.

The event is a result of a collaborative effort between Myonex, a leading global complete clinical trial supply company offering tailored solutions, and Xtalks. Myonex offers customized services in drug sourcing, packaging & distribution, equipment & supplies, and patient solutions to meet the specific requirements and complexities of each trial. This partnership aims to provide a comprehensive solution for clinical trial supply needs, further promoting patient-centricity in the industry.

If you are looking to learn more about innovative and on-demand local sourcing solutions, ways to minimize cost and waste in clinical trials, and how a sourcing strategy focused on patient-centricity can prioritize sites and patients, watch the webinar at the link below.

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