Myonex is proud to announce Todd Luckritz has joined Myonex as Associate Director of Clinical Trial Patient Solutions. 

Over recent years, Myonex has launched a new service line as a solution for patient retention issues, drug waste, and lack of flexibility in sourcing for clinical trials.  As the Clinical Trial Patient Solutions (CTPS) service that started with CTRx Card in North America continues to expand at Myonex, so have its team members. 

Todd Luckritz recently joined the Myonex team as the Associate Director of Clinical Trial Patient Solutions for the US region.  

Prior to Myonex, Todd worked for over 21 years at Mayo Clinic in Phoenix, Arizona. He began there as a clinical pharmacist in the critical care setting. For the last 7 years, he was the Lead Pharmacist for the Investigational Drug Services Pharmacy Team, which managed a diverse portfolio of clinical trials from all therapeutic areas. Todd’s expertise in this space will ensure sponsors, clinical trial sites, and participants receive the best experience possible in the industry related to pharmacy services. 

“During my tenure in clinical research, I have seen rapid evolution in the clinical trial landscape. Trials are becoming more complex, with sourcing of comparator medications becoming more commonplace,” explained Todd, who now has taken the role of Associate Director of Clinical Trial Patient Solutions. 

Todd saw the vision for CTPS as he was experiencing significant challenges with sourcing, procurement and invoicing of comparator medications for clinical trials in his previous role. 

“I am excited about the CTPS service line here at Myonex as it solves a significant challenge that many clinical trial sites face with access, procurement, and charging for comparator medications utilized in clinical trials. The team at Myonex is laser focused on providing superior service for Sponsors. “ 

Myonex is thrilled to have Todd on the team and is looking forward to the continued growth of these services and more. 

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