Myonex Launches CTRx Europe, Central Pharmacy Network


Introducing CTRx Europe

Horsham, PA, USA, September 29, 2022 — Myonex, a leading global clinical trial supply company, announces the launch of the first and only on-demand local drug sourcing in Europe. Built on a successful North American program, CTRx Europe offers significant benefits for trial sponsors, sites, and patients alike.

“With the growth of our CTRx service in North America, clients have been asking us to develop the same solution for them in Europe. Our new CTRx Europe solution is a game-changer for clinical sites in Europe,” said James Lovett, Chief Executive Officer at Myonex. “Our solution will offer support for sites to source local drug for local patients, in individual European countries. Sponsors can remove overage and eliminate costs associated with up-front bulk comparator purchases, inventory management, and expired drugs. The program has delivered tremendous results in the United States and Canada, and we are pleased to be able to offer similar flexibility and savings in Europe.”

Through its partnerships with central dispensing pharmacies in major European markets, Myonex can offer on-demand local sourcing. The CTRx solution provides sponsors with in-country local pricing and access to key oncology and other specialty medications and hospital lines. Sites need less storage space and fewer resources, so they can accommodate more trials. Sponsors can track dispensing via a secure, GDPR-compliant portal, and sites can request orders online.

Myonex’s CTRx solution supports traditional, decentralized, and hybrid trials. In processes tailored to meet local regulations, both sponsor investigational medicinal products and commercial drugs, as well as ancillary items, can be delivered directly to the clinical site, central nursing center, a nurse, or even to the patient’s home.

“The direct-to-patient offering makes adherence easier,” said Samit Bhatt, Senior Director, Clinical Trial Patient Solutions, at Myonex. “And because our local partners serve local markets, logistics costs per patient and site shipment are lower, and sponsors can see significantly improved study start-up time.”

CTRx Europe is part of an end-to-end suite of clinical trial supply solutions from Myonex that also includes expanded packaging and labeling capabilities; warehousing, storage, and distribution; project management and more. For information, email [email protected].

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