CTRx™ – don’t pay for your forecasted assumption – pay for reality

Posted on 12/15/23

The traditional drug-sourcing approach to conducting a clinical trial requires large stock of comparator drugs based on optimistic patient enrollment forecasts. The inherent risk? Overshooting the real need and facing the sunk costs and waste associated with a surplus medication that goes unused.

CTRx is prescription card services, global pharmacy dispensing, and a centralized local drug supply solution – all in one – while eliminating waste, providing hard-to-access drugs, and improving patient and site experiences.

With CTRx, clinical trial managers can remove the guesswork and risk associated with enrollment forecasting and expectations. Instead, you pay exclusively for the medication you need, based solely on the actual number of patients enrolled in your trial. This eliminates costly waste and assures a more efficient and patient-centered approach.

Our clients have achieved significant savings using the CTRx model. One client projected expense for a study expecting six patients. However, only one of the six patients ended up signing up for the trial. They saved 64.7% with CTRx compared to traditional drug sourcing methods. Another anticipated 20 enrollments but had only two patients sign up. By utilizing CTRx instead of traditional drug sourcing methods, they were able to secure 97.3% savings.

Case Study 1

Case Study 2

At Myonex, we support advances in medicine by relentlessly improving the cost, speed, flexibility, and quality of clinical trial supply and by improving the clinical trial patient experience.

As you contemplate the future of your clinical trials, partner with Myonex. Together, let’s redefine efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and patient-centered benchmarks in your clinical trial.