Drug Storage, Waste, and Patient Access to Products are Common Obstacles in any Clinical Trial…Until Now.

Posted on 04/20/23

Myonex’s CTRx Portal is a comprehensive, global resource providing an online prescription process to support your clinical trials in a secure, efficient, and accurate single platform. With sponsor visibility, digital shipment ordering and tracking for easy communications, and removing costly drug waste and overages – your clinical trial management now exists at your fingertips in a single source. 

Myonex’s CTRx portal checks all the boxes – 

  • Seamless integration that requires no additional work for trial sites.
  • Digital shipment ordering and tracking feature making it easy for the site to communicate with central pharmacies in our active countries network.
  • Sponsor visibility into the types of products shipped from the central pharmacy with the lot expiry 
  • GXP compliant validated system.
  • And for US trials, digital engagement with patients by enrolling and providing them with a CTRx pharmacy card through text, email, or print, where required – reimbursing pharmacies for commercial study medications so sponsors can see reimbursement costs in real time.
Request a demo with a Myonex CTRx expert, and get back control of your trial.