Putting Patients First: Three Strategies for Supporting Clinical Trial Participants

Posted on 06/01/23

Clinical trials are a crucial part of the drug development process. They help determine the safety and efficacy of new treatments, as well as identify any potential side effects or risks. However, without patient participation, clinical trials would not be possible. Therefore, it is imperative that patients are at the forefront of every clinical trial. 

Patients are often dealing with an illness or injury and may be experiencing stress, discomfort, and uncertainty about their future health. As such, it is important for sponsors to implement strategies that will make their participation in the trial as comfortable and seamless as possible, reducing patient dropout rates. 

There are three major strategies that can support patients in clinical trials:  

1 – Bring the trial to the patient

The first way to support patients is by reducing their travel burden. Work with vendors who can deliver medication in a process that is most convenient for the patient in the specific trial. This can help alleviate the stress of time management and the potential financial burden of traveling to a site to receive treatment. Myonex makes clinical trial participation easier and more convenient for patients with CTRx – offering quick and easy access to medication and supplies through local pharmacies, trial sites, or even direct to the patient´s home delivery.  

2 – Consider Medical Benefits
Consider medical benefits when planning your trial.

Another important factor to consider is medical benefits. In the United States, many patients may decline to participate in a trial if they do not have medical insurance or if their insurance does not cover the medications required for the trial. Sponsors can help alleviate this burden by offering to cover the cost of medical benefits for trial participants. Myonex can provide and implement solutions for trials taking this approach.

3 – Make communication a priority

Communication is also key when it comes to supporting patients in clinical trials. Decentralized trials, which allow patients to participate remotely, can be incredibly helpful for those who cannot travel to sites due to medical issues or lack of transportation. However, it is essential to stay in touch with patients throughout the trial to ensure they feel supported and included. Regular video calls and requests for feedback can help patients feel more engaged in the trial and improve their overall experience. 


Sponsors who go above and beyond to make patients’ lives easier can make a significant impact. Whether it’s providing additional resources or support services, or simply offering financial assistance to help offset the cost of participation, every effort counts. By focusing on the needs of patients throughout their trial, you can help ensure more successful trials and ultimately, better health outcomes for everyone involved. 

Myonex understands the importance of providing a seamless trial experience for both patients and sites. Our dedicated team of in-house experts has extensive site experience and a deep understanding of the challenges faced by clinical trial teams, proved by the many successful trials we support globally. Contact us today to start the conversation and learn more about how we can help you achieve your clinical trial goals.