World Health Day – Climate Change & Clinical Trials

Posted on 04/07/22

Today, April 7, 2022, is World Health Day. This year’s theme revolves around climate change, pollution, and how much that affects our health around the world. 

What some people may come to realize through this day is how many diseases are caused by our environment. For example, if an area has a water source that is polluted, there are plenty of diseases that stem from contaminated water. Similarly, smoking not only harms the lungs and other issues but is also harming earth when they are dropped on the ground, polluting the area. We have an increasing health crisis that should not be taken lightly, and this World Health Day it is coming into light. 

So, where do clinical trials come into play in the correlation between our health and climate change? 

Without clinical trials and research, we may not know the stunning links between our health and our environment. In the 1950s, researchers witnessed the incline of lung cancer rates and how that correlated with cigarette popularity.  The findings radically changed the culture of smoking and how the product is packaged and distributed. Additionally, there are studies around the world testing water quality and the relation to health issues in surrounding communities to this day, including a 2019 study in China. 

When the source of any disease is found, the process of finding the cure begins. Without a reason for a disease, how can a cure be truly found? 

Clinical trials play an important role in the future of our health and earth. They help find the solution and cure to these diseases so that people may not suffer. At Myonex, our goal is to help support these and other studies by providing the best sourcing solution for them, allowing the research teams to focus on the study ahead. We strive to be the partner researchers need to continue their important work that will help those for generations to come. There is always more to be done in the fight against climate change and, through clinical research, we can try to learn how to make things better. 

As we reflect on the theme of World Health Day, what questions should we be asking regarding clinical trials and health? Should more clinical research be done to support the end of climate change in the future? Can these findings produce the change needed to protect future generations from the effects of climate change? How can clinical trials take a role in finding a cure for (not just) climate change related diseases? 

Myonex is committed to supporting clinical trials around the world to get results quickly – to support the development of new drugs that help patients around the world. If you need a trusted and experienced partner for your trial, we are more than happy to support you – on World Health Day and all other days coming. 



Meagan LaCroix

Marketing Specialist